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How to Build Winning Decks in Slay the Spire?

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Key Highlights

  1. Slay the Spire is a highly acclaimed deckbuilding roguelike game that combines multiple genres
  2. The game offers a unique deckbuilding experience with powerful interactions and bizarre creatures
  3. Understanding the basics of gameplay and strategy is crucial for success in Slay the Spire
  4. Getting started in the game involves choosing your first character and learning essential tips for beginners
  5. Building winning decks requires analyzing your starting deck, looking for key cards, balancing your deck composition, adapting your strategy to enemies, and utilizing relics effectively
  6. Advanced strategies for seasoned players include mastering card synergy and handling elite enemies and bosses
  7. Common mistakes to avoid in the game include overbuilding your deck and neglecting defense over offense


Slay the Spire, developed by Megacrit and published by Humble Games, is a highly anticipated and critically acclaimed deckbuilding roguelike game. Combining elements of deckbuilding games and roguelikes, Slay the Spire offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience. After its successful releases on consoles and PC, the game has finally arrived on iOS, making it accessible to a wider audience.

In Slay the Spire, players embark on a journey through a mysterious tower known as the Spire. The goal is to ascend the tower by battling enemies, collecting cards, and making strategic decisions. Each run is different, with the layout of the tower, the enemies faced, and the cards and relics found being randomized.

The game features four playable characters, each with their own unique playstyle and cards. As players progress through the game, they unlock additional cards and relics, allowing for greater customization and strategic depth. With its addictive gameplay, challenging encounters, and rewarding progression system, Slay the Spire has become a favorite among deckbuilding and roguelike enthusiasts.

slay the spire

Understanding Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is often hailed as one of the best single-player deckbuilder games available. Combining the strategic elements of deckbuilding with the unpredictability of roguelikes, the game offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience. Players must navigate through the Spire, battling bizarre creatures, collecting powerful cards and relics, and making strategic decisions. With its addictive gameplay and deep strategic mechanics, Slay the Spire is a must-play for fans of deckbuilding and roguelike genres.

What Makes Slay the Spire Unique?

What sets Slay the Spire apart from other deckbuilding games is its unique deckbuilding mechanics and the variety of bizarre creatures encountered throughout the game. Players start with a small deck of basic cards and gradually build their deck by acquiring new cards and relics. The combination of cards and relics creates a unique deck that evolves with each run.

The game also features powerful interactions between cards and relics, allowing players to create devastating combos and strategies. Discovering and utilizing these interactions is key to building a winning deck and overcoming the challenges of the Spire.

The creatures encountered in Slay the Spire are not your typical enemies. From towering bosses to mysterious entities, each encounter presents a new and exciting challenge. Learning how to effectively counter these creatures and exploit their weaknesses is essential for success in the game.

The Basics of Gameplay and Strategy

Slay the Spire revolves around two main aspects: deck building and strategic decision-making. At the start of each run, players are given a basic deck of cards. Throughout the game, they will acquire new cards, upgrade existing ones, and remove cards from their deck.

In battles, players strategically play cards from their hand to attack enemies, defend themselves, or apply various effects. Each card requires a certain amount of energy to play, adding a layer of strategy to each turn. Balancing offense and defense, managing energy resources, and anticipating enemy moves are crucial for success in battles.

Outside of battles, players navigate through the Spire by choosing paths and encountering various events. Each decision can have consequences, affecting resources, encounters, or rewards. Choosing the right path, managing resources, and adapting strategies based on the current situation are key to progressing through the game.

slay the spire

Getting Started in Slay the Spire

Getting started in Slay the Spire is an exciting and immersive experience. The game is available on various platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PC, and now iOS. Players can choose to purchase the game through platforms like the Humble Bundle or directly from the respective app stores.

Whether playing on a console or a mobile device, the gameplay and mechanics remain the same. The intuitive controls and user-friendly interface make it accessible to both newcomers and experienced players. So, whether you’re playing on your Nintendo Switch, PC, or iOS device, you can dive into the captivating world of Slay the Spire and start building your winning deck.

Choosing Your First Character

When starting a new game in Slay the Spire, players are presented with four available characters to choose from. Each character has their own unique set of cards, relics, and playstyle.

The Ironclad is a powerful warrior with a focus on strength and offense. The Silent is a stealthy assassin who excels at poisoning enemies and dishing out quick strikes. The Defect is a robotic mage with a wide range of elemental spells and powerful energy manipulation abilities. The Watcher is a mystical monk who utilizes stances and divine techniques to overpower her enemies.

Choosing the right character depends on personal preference and playstyle. Each character offers a different play experience, with unique relics and strategies. Experimenting with different characters and their abilities is key to finding the one that suits your gameplay style and leads you to victory against the Spire’s challenging bosses.

Essential Tips for Beginners

For beginners venturing into the world of Slay the Spire, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

  1. Choose a safe path: In the early stages of the game, prioritize paths with rest points and merchants to heal and acquire powerful items.
  2. Gather gold: Gold is a valuable resource that can be used to purchase cards, relics, and potions. Collect as much gold as possible to give yourself an advantage.
  3. Balance offense and defense: Building a well-rounded deck with both offensive and defensive capabilities is crucial for surviving battles.
  4. Prioritize powerful items: When faced with a choice, prioritize acquiring powerful relics and cards that can significantly enhance your deck.
  5. Don’t be afraid to take risks: Slay the Spire is a game of calculated risks. Sometimes taking a risk can lead to great rewards, so don’t be afraid to try new strategies and experiment with different approaches.

Following these tips will help beginners navigate the challenges of Slay the Spire and increase their chances of building winning decks.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Building Winning Decks

Building winning decks is a central focus of Slay the Spire. The game offers a wide array of cards and relics that can drastically impact your deck’s effectiveness. By understanding the mechanics of deck building and utilizing powerful relics, players can create potent decks that dominate the Spire.

In the following sections, we will explore the essential steps to build winning decks, starting with what you will need to get started and progressing through analyzing your starting deck, identifying key cards, balancing your deck composition, adapting your strategy to enemies, and utilizing relics effectively. So, let’s dive into the world of deck building and take your Slay the Spire gameplay to the next level.

What You Will Need to Get Started

Before diving into deck building in Slay the Spire, there are a few prerequisites that you will need:

  1. A copy of Slay the Spire: The game is available on various platforms, including PC, Nintendo Switch, and iOS. Purchase the game from your preferred platform, such as Steam or the Nintendo eShop.
  2. Updates and patches: Make sure your game is up to date with the latest patches and updates. Developers often release updates that fix bugs and improve gameplay, so keeping your game updated is essential.
  3. Optional mods and enhancements: Slay the Spire has an active modding community that creates additional content and enhancements for the game. If you’re interested in exploring these mods, check out platforms like the Steam Workshop or Nexus Mods.
  4. Access to additional content: The default version of Slay the Spire offers a complete and satisfying experience. However, there is additional content available in the form of beta releases or through platforms like GOG. If you want to access this additional content, ensure that you have the necessary access or purchase the appropriate version of the game.

With these prerequisites in place, you’re ready to start building your winning decks in Slay the Spire.

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Step 1: Analyzing Your Starting Deck

When starting a new run in Slay the Spire, it is crucial to analyze your starting deck. Your starting deck consists of a set of basic cards that will determine your initial strategy and playstyle.

Step 2: Key Cards to Look for in Early Game

In the early game of Slay the Spire, acquiring key cards can greatly impact your chances of building a winning deck. These key cards are powerful tools that can shape your gameplay strategy and set the foundation for future card choices.

One type of key card to look for is those with mega crit potential. These are cards that have the potential to deal massive damage or trigger powerful effects. They can be game-changers in combat encounters, allowing you to swiftly defeat enemies and progress through the game.

Another crucial aspect to consider is acquiring powerful relics. Relics are items with unique effects that provide significant advantages in battles and exploration. Some relics may increase your damage output, improve your defense, or grant additional card draw. Prioritizing relics that synergize with your deck and playstyle can give you a significant edge in challenging encounters.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the overall layout of the map and plan your route accordingly. Choosing a safe path that allows you to encounter elites, rest points, and merchants strategically can maximize your chances of acquiring valuable cards and relics while managing your resources effectively.

Step 3: Balancing Your Deck Composition

Building a successful deck in Slay the Spire requires careful consideration of its composition. Balancing your deck involves managing the ratio of offensive and defensive cards, as well as cards that provide utility and card draw.

Having a well-rounded deck with a mix of offense and defense is crucial to tackle the various challenges presented by different enemies and bosses. Including cards that deal damage, apply status effects, and provide block can help you adapt to different scenarios and optimize your chances of survival.

In addition to offense and defense, including cards that offer utility can provide flexibility and increase your strategic options. These utility cards may allow you to draw additional cards, gain energy, or manipulate your deck to set up powerful combinations. By including a variety of utility cards, you can adapt your strategy to different encounters and improve your overall deck synergy.

Remember, the composition of your deck should reflect your playstyle and take into account the enemies you are likely to face. Experimenting with different combinations and adjusting your deck composition based on the challenges ahead is key to building a winning deck in Slay the Spire.

Step 4: Adapting Your Strategy to Enemies

In Slay the Spire, different enemies and bosses pose unique challenges that require you to adapt your strategy accordingly. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each enemy type and adjusting your card choices and gameplay approach can greatly increase your chances of success.

Certain enemies may have high defense, making it important to include cards that can bypass or reduce their block. Others may have powerful attack patterns, necessitating the inclusion of cards that provide additional defense or healing. Some enemies may be vulnerable to specific status effects, allowing you to exploit their weaknesses by including cards that inflict those effects.

Boss battles in Slay the Spire require even greater strategic planning. Bosses often have powerful interactions and unique mechanics that can quickly turn the tide of battle. Analyzing their patterns, adjusting your deck composition, and utilizing relics effectively are crucial to overcoming these formidable foes.

By adapting your strategy to the different enemies and bosses you encounter, you can build a deck that is well-equipped to handle any challenge and increase your chances of victory.

Step 5: Utilizing Relics Effectively

Relics play a vital role in Slay the Spire, offering powerful effects that can significantly impact your gameplay. Understanding how to utilize relics effectively can give you a competitive edge and greatly improve your chances of building a winning deck.

Firstly, it’s important to recognize the effects of these relics and how they synergize with your deck. Some relics may enhance your damage output, provide additional card draw, or offer defensive bonuses. Identifying relics that align with your deck’s strategy and playstyle can help you optimize your gameplay.

Secondly, managing the use of relics throughout your run is crucial. Some relics have limited charges or are one-time-use, while others have effects that trigger under specific conditions. Utilizing these relics at the right moments can turn the tide of battle in your favor and provide significant advantages.

Lastly, keep in mind that Slay the Spire offers a wide variety of relics, each with its own unique effects and interactions. Experimenting with different relics and learning how to maximize their potential is key to building a winning deck.

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Advanced Strategies for Seasoned Players

As you become more experienced with Slay the Spire, you can explore advanced strategies to further enhance your gameplay. These strategies involve mastering card synergy, handling elite enemies and bosses, and taking advantage of mods and updates.

Mastering the art of card synergy involves understanding how different cards interact with each other and creating powerful combinations. By carefully selecting cards that complement each other’s effects, you can create a deck that synergizes well and maximizes your damage output or defensive capabilities.

Dealing with elite enemies and bosses requires a deeper understanding of their mechanics and patterns. Developing specific strategies and adjusting your deck accordingly can help you overcome these formidable challenges and progress further in the game.

Exploring mods and updates can also provide new gameplay experiences and opportunities for seasoned players. The Slay the Spire community offers various mods that introduce new cards, characters, and gameplay mechanics. Additionally, developers continually release updates with new content, balance changes, and features. Keeping up with these updates and embracing the community’s creativity can add freshness and excitement to your Slay the Spire journey.

Mastering the Art of Card Synergy

One of the key aspects of building a winning deck in Slay the Spire is mastering the art of card synergy. Card synergy refers to the interactions and combinations between different cards in your deck, creating powerful effects and strategies.

To master card synergy, it is essential to understand the effects and mechanics of each card in your deck. Some cards may have additional effects when played in combination with specific other cards or relics. By identifying these synergies, you can create devastating combinations that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Experimentation and strategic thinking are crucial in discovering and utilizing card synergy. Analyze the effects of each card and consider how they can work together to amplify your damage output or defensive capabilities. Building a deck that maximizes card synergy can significantly increase your chances of success in Slay the Spire.

Handling Elite Enemies and Bosses

In Slay the Spire, elite enemies and bosses pose formidable challenges that require special strategies to overcome. Handling these encounters effectively is crucial to progress further in the game and build a winning deck.

When facing elite enemies, it’s important to prepare your deck and resources accordingly. Elite enemies often have higher health and stronger abilities than regular enemies. Prioritize acquiring powerful cards and relics that can provide additional damage or defense to help you withstand their onslaught.

Boss battles require even more careful planning. Each boss has unique mechanics, patterns, and abilities that demand specific strategies. Analyzing their behavior, adapting your deck composition, and utilizing relics effectively can give you a significant advantage.

Contending with elite enemies and bosses may require multiple attempts and strategic adjustments. Learn from each encounter and fine-tune your deck to exploit their weaknesses. With perseverance and strategic thinking, you can overcome these challenges and build a winning deck in Slay the Spire.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Even seasoned players can fall into common pitfalls when building decks in Slay the Spire. Being aware of these mistakes can help you avoid them and improve your chances of success.

One common mistake is overbuilding your deck. While it may be tempting to include as many cards as possible, a bloated deck can hinder your ability to draw powerful cards consistently. Focus on quality rather than quantity, selecting cards that synergize well and contribute to your overall strategy.

Another mistake is neglecting defense over offense. While dealing damage is important, neglecting defense can leave you vulnerable to enemy attacks. Strike a balance between offense and defense, ensuring that your deck provides adequate protection while still dealing significant damage.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can optimize your deck and increase your chances of building a winning strategy in Slay the Spire.

Overbuilding Your Deck

One common mistake made by players in Slay the Spire is overbuilding their deck. Overbuilding refers to the practice of including too many cards in your deck, resulting in a bloated and inefficient deck.

Overbuilding can hinder your ability to draw powerful cards consistently. With a larger deck size, the chances of drawing key cards or powerful combinations decrease, making it difficult to execute your desired strategy effectively.

To avoid overbuilding, prioritize quality over quantity. Focus on acquiring cards that synergize well with each other and contribute to your overall strategy. Removing weaker or redundant cards from your deck can also streamline your gameplay and improve your chances of drawing essential cards when needed.

By keeping your deck lean and efficient, you can maximize the effectiveness of your cards and increase your chances of building a winning deck in Slay the Spire.

Neglecting Defense Over Offense

Another common mistake in Slay the Spire is neglecting defense over offense. While dealing damage is important, neglecting defense can leave you vulnerable to enemy attacks and hinder your chances of success.

In the game, it’s crucial to strike a balance between offense and defense. Including cards that provide block or healing in your deck is essential to mitigate enemy damage and sustain yourself throughout battles.

Neglecting defense can lead to situations where you take excessive damage and struggle to recover. Prioritize acquiring cards that offer defensive capabilities, such as those that provide block or healing effects. Additionally, consider relics and other items that offer defensive bonuses to further enhance your survivability.

By maintaining a balanced approach to offense and defense, you can ensure that your deck is well-equipped to handle the challenges in Slay the Spire and increase your chances of building a winning strategy.

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In conclusion, mastering the art of building winning decks in “Slay the Spire” requires a keen understanding of card synergy, adaptable strategies, and effective relic utilization. Beginners should focus on analyzing their starting deck, balancing card composition, and adapting strategies to different enemies. Advanced players can delve into mastering card synergies and handling elite enemies and bosses. Remember to avoid common mistakes like overbuilding your deck and neglecting defense over offense. By honing your skills and strategic thinking, you can conquer the challenges of “Slay the Spire” and achieve victory in this thrilling game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Attempts Does It Typically Take to Win?

The number of attempts it takes to win in Slay the Spire can vary greatly depending on individual skill, experience, and luck. Some players may achieve victory within a few attempts, while others may take longer to master the game’s mechanics and build successful decks.

Can You Win With Every Character?

Yes, it is possible to win with every character in Slay the Spire. Each character offers unique playstyles and abilities, and with the right strategies and deckbuilding, success can be achieved. However, the difficulty level may vary for each character, and it may require more attempts to win with some compared to others.

What Are The Best Relics for a Winning Deck?

The best relics for a winning deck in Slay the Spire depend on various factors such as your deck composition, playstyle, and the challenges you face. Powerful relics that enhance damage output, provide defense, or offer unique effects can greatly contribute to building a successful deck.

How Do Daily Climbs Work?

Daily climbs in Slay the Spire are daily challenges that offer a unique deck and modifiers. Participating in a daily climb allows you to compete on leaderboards against other players, adding a competitive aspect to the game. Each daily climb provides a fresh and unique experience.

Tips for Beating the Heart

Beating the Heart, the final boss in Slay the Spire, requires careful planning and preparation. Prioritize acquiring powerful items, relics, and cards that synergize well with your deck. Analyze the boss’s patterns and adjust your strategy accordingly to maximize your chances of success.

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